How Branded Lead Generation Works

To achieve a successful collaboration, we use various proven steps to develop an effective lead generation partnership. Generating leads for ourselves and other businesses is what we do (by ranking websites in search engines) and it’s most likely exactly how you found us. 

Phone Call

During a 10-minute telephone conversation, we can determine whether collaboration and our system of generating leads can be profitable for your business. If this is the case, you will get some ‘homework’ in the form of compiling a list of search terms. We will work out a quote based on the information you send. If you are unsure about this, we can assist with keyword (search term) research.

Cooperation agreement

In the case of cooperation being possible, we will draw up a cooperation agreement for how you will buy leads from us and what is covered by our service. You will then receive an invoice after signing the cooperation agreement and delivery terms.

Building a Website

After receiving the first payment, the construction of a custom website will start, using a clear structure and powerful content based around your company and brand. Once the website is completed to your satisfaction, we will promote it continuously until it is generating branded leads. The website will use pull marketing to bring visitors to the website and send all potential customers directly to your company.

Virgoleads Promotion

Leads are created by promoting the website online (SEO). Here we aim to assume high ranking positions and attract a continuous flow of search traffic (customers). If you want to generate revenue faster, then AdWords-like campaigns (SEA) are also possible to pay for clicks to the website and attract clients almost instantly. The SEO promotion is billed monthly in advance. This also applies to any SEA budget.

Lead Flow

Once the lead flow begins with customers arriving on the website we create, your sales department will be in direct contact with all potential customers.

We request that you regularly send feedback about the quality of leads generated in relation to your target customer profile. After all, your success is our success.

Do you want to collaborate with Virgoleads for a successful business ? Then contact us.

✔ – Exclusive cooperation
✔ – Direct customer contact
✔ – Soft qualification
✔ – Fixed costs
✔ – AFM compliant
✔ – Since 2000

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