Lead flow with direct customer contact

Want to buy leads? At Virgoleads we create a lead flow with potential customers that ends up at your company. With branded lead generation, neuromarketing and attention to your customer profile, we start the lead flow and send all leads directly to you. As a lead generator, we work within Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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✔ – Exclusive cooperation
✔ – Direct customer contact
✔ – Soft qualification
✔ – Fixed costs
✔ – AFM compliant
✔ – Since 2000

Branded lead generation

lead generation flow by VirgoleadsWith branded lead generation, a website is built in the ‘look and feel’ of your company. On this website, we create an e-mail form and can add a telephone number, both of which end up directly with your sales department.

With fully branded lead generation, you pay an amount for the development of the content, whereby the domain and content remain the property of BREMIC Digital Services. You then pay a fixed monthly amount for SEO promotion (autonomously), possibly supplemented by a flexible SEA budget (online advertisements). If the competition is strong, it will take longer before your first leads arrive. By using SEA, we can help you to quickly attract more customers. We then work out various advertising campaigns. The advantage is that we can test which advertisement is the most powerful. We process the advertisement that scores the best in the ‘meta description’ within the website.

Customer profile

We target specific customer profiles in the content, so potential customers are encouraged to contact your company. By making it clear who your customer is, you save a lot of time and energy by not marketing to visitors who ‘look, but don’t buy’.

Direct customer contact

Generating leads where the potential customer has direct contact with your sales department is possible for B2B leads and B2C leads. You can also have the content rewritten based on practical experience. This can be applied, for example, when the targeted customer profile changes.

Qualification of leads

The leads are softly qualified with the branded lead generation that makes the visitor think that they are on your main website. By presenting the content well, interested people who meet your target customer profile will take action and connect with your company. He or she can leave their information on an online form or directly call your internal sales staff.

Lead flow

Lead flow

We work on a constant lead flow for our clients and are not interested in ad hoc leads. Our branded lead generation is designed for a minimum participation agreement of one year.

Lead volume

The lead volume depends on the gross monthly search volume and strength of the competition. Before we increase the lead flow, we have mapped the theoretical, average, monthly lead volume. By matching your ideal customer profile to this, you get an impression of the net number of leads per month.

Legal framework

Our way of working means that you comply with the legal guidelines. Within Europe, consumers and businesses are increasingly protected against intrusive marketing techniques. More and more consensus is emerging within the EU to implement German legislation. With this, ‘guerilla’ marketing is a thing of the past, and the fines have become incredibly high. Telemarketing and direct marketing are a thing of the past. Every company is looking for leads, but in a way that is pleasant for the potential customer. The modern customer knows what he or she wants and will look for products and services directly themselves.

AFM license for Europe

We can easily generate leads for insurance, mortgages and other products or services for which an AFM license is required with branded lead generation. Because of our way of working, we do not engage in ‘mediation’. We do not sell anything; that is what your organization does. We create a channel through which the leads flow to you and so it is only required that your company follows the law.


A quick follow up by you or your employees is crucial to success. We assume a maximum of sixteen working hours of response to the customer. By quickly following up on a ‘hot’ lead, you can prevent the prospect from looking further. On the completion of the qualification session, we will mention that you or your employees will make a call. If you are too slow with the follow-up, you harm both your image and that of Virgoleads.


Do you want to outsource the lead generation services to Virgoleads? Please contact us. Together we can determine whether lead generation can work via Virgoleads for your business.

End customers

We only work for end customers who are looking for leads. To generate leads, high-quality content is required and direct contact with the specialists within your company is also required.

Call centers

Are you approaching us on behalf of a call center? Then first have a look at the rates page. If it is still interesting, we would love to hear from you.


Every day we receive calls from call centers asking whether we have any leads from private individuals who want to switch to another energy supplier. Active in this sector? Please do not call us, as we know in advance that we cannot do anything for you. We have no AdHoc leads or lead packages on the shelf.